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think. >>> since russia's adoption ban, some americans may never see the children again. >> and the boy scouts of america are not ready to accept gay members yet. find out when a decision will be made. irene, drop the itch. we dropped the itch, you can too. maximum strength scalpicin® is not a shampoo, so you can stop intense itch fast, wherever you are. i dropped the itch. drop the itch with scalpicin®. >>> it continues to be a clear cool night, the best way to describe it chilly by february standards. 41 at the airport. winds northwesterly. a big chop on the severn river in the state capital. pretty good day for sailing. clouds come from nateing part of the afternoon but clearing later in the day in the heart of harford county and mt. airy. you had a mix of sun and clouds. on the whole a nice clear fin nirchlt winds out of the west, northwest 10 to 15, breezy, chilly, but still air temps are at or above 40 and are in the and west the numbers are above the freezing mark. an early look at some of the temperatures you'll be seeing tomorrow, it will be slightly cooler, more clouds. that
that injured nearly 1,000 people in russia last week have exploded online. but it may surprise you to learn that they are not the work of an amateur videographer who happened to be in the right place at the right time. they are actually thanks to the russian dash cam phenomenon. now the how, what and why. >> reporter: they're the videos everyone is talking about. rare images of a meteor streaking over russia. after not once, not twice but many times, all on dashboard cameras, then uploaded on youtube. those videos aren't such a surprise here. those cameras are almost everywhere in russia. and the reason behind one of youtube's most viral phenomenons. russia's lawless roads. they're small video cameras mounted inside the windshield. they capture all sorts of madness. death defying crashes. road rage. the inexplicable. yes, those are cows spilling out of a truck. yes, that's a helicopter. that's a tank. that's a fighter jet. this camera caught a plane crash slamming into the side of the highway. but they're not just youtube gold. these cameras serve an important purpose. they catch corrupt an
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from outer space. a sudden meteor shower, raining down chunks of burning rocks on russia. >> the speeding meteorite was captured on camera, streaking across the skies of siberia overnight. shattering windows and injuring more than 400 people. many of him hit by broken glass. >> 20,000 soldiers have been sent to that scene. with so many windows shattered, schools in the area had to be closed because the temps had dipped to about zero outside. it's a developing situation, which we'll continue to follow throughout the day. we'll have much more, from russia, coming up later in this half hour. >>> breaking news does not stop there. also from overnight, the nightmarish vacation cruise is finally over for all of those passengers who have been stuck onboard "the triumph." >> some boarded buses for new orleans or texas. while others settled into hotels in mobile, alabama. all in search of a hot shower and warm food. marci gonzalez join us from mobile, alabama. good morning, marci. >> reporter: here it is. the carnival cruise docked. and hours later, all of the relieved passengers
over russia. >> insane to think that's a meteor that came from space. >> a meteor that weighed nearly ten tons, 49 feet wide and traveling at speeds of 33,000 miles per hour. >> what's really crazy is the sonic boom that it created that caused all the damage. >> caused windows to shatter. caused injuries to some people. now, of course, this happened in russia. as we well know here on "right this minute," people in russia have dash cams rolling at all times. dash cam video still pouring in. check some of these videos out. >> wow. >> you can see people sitting there stunned watching this light just streak across the sky. as it explodes in our atmosphere. scientists say it exploded about 18 to 35 miles up in our atmosphere. >> i can't imagine what the people must have been thinking when they first saw, felt and heard this. do you think you're under attack? do you think it's a giant missile? the information didn't come in right away. it's not like you will look up and say there's a meteor. they must have been terrified. >> when we do get meteors they are to the this large when they get to
pitch a fit and take off your clothes. in russia. the metro station is closed for the night. >> what? >> so in order to show his displeasure, he strips down to his underwear and starts throwing what looks like a trash can or cigarette receptacle against the glass doors and hurling expletives as well. >> [ inaudible ]. >> if you're wondering if it's cold, yes. and in russia, i had somebody translate this for me, they're asking him, are you cold and he says, yes, i'm cold. >> [ inaudible ]. . >> what's the purpose of taking off your clothes? >> his strength doesn't seem to be scaring anybody. maybe a little flash of the manhood might get something done. >> oh! >> now it's a full monte. >> he's flexing too. >> oh! >> surprisingly, maybe, to you all, he never does get into the metro station but you don't see it in this video but the police do give him a free ride down to the station and eventually he gives up, gathers up his clothes sort of like a sad dancer on a pole and walks off. >> no dollar bills for this man. >> no dollar bills. ♪ >>> police on both sides of the pond are looking
developing news out of russia. as we watch closely for an asteroid to skirt the atmosphere, those in the mountains were hit by fragments of an exploding meteor causing damage and hurting more than 400 people. take a look. (explosion). >> unbelievable. this is amateur video. the area there where the buildings were hit and a number of windows hit. video has been popping up overnight. showing the meteor entering the atmosphere it is saying that it eye cured and injuries and due to broken class. what we're learn something a zinc factory was hit by one of 5, possibly six fragments. they have concluded in and russia is not connected to the asteroid. it will pass the atmosphere later today. that was the side of a swimming pool and pass earth by 17,000 miles. and that seems like a good distance until the satellites that we rely on they are in. >> and days after the president will be discussing gun violence. >> and 500 people were murdered last year. >> the president will award the citizens medal to the teachers and administrators killed at sandy hook. he will present the medals at the whi
time saver traffic. over to you. >>> and news out of russia. are watching fors asteroid that will skirt the atmosphere. those in russia's earl mountain region were hit by fragments of the meteor. and it injured more than 400 people. >> this is video. take a look at this. >> that the buildings were hit and windows shattered following the impact 56 or 6 fragments that exploded. video have been popping up showing the atmosphere and breaking apart in a flash. the damage occurred in the area of the injuries were reportedly due to the broken class. the everyones caused panic but scientists con clouted that it is not connected with the asteroid. it is the size of a swimming pool. you may think that's a long way. and they're up around 23,000 miles above the surface. >>> video coming in and it is incredible every time a man accused of a murder is due to be in court. the trial is expected to start today for quintan bass. it happened in front of a home and we'll let you know what happens in court today. can you find us on twit weir updates. >>> now to a story so many questions about the shooting t
the world are still gazing up at the sky after the giant meteor crashed in russia. well, now two meteor sightings have been sighted over the united states. so, experts are racing to create a system that could give earthlings more of a warning. abc's kirit radia tonight from russia. >> reporter: in the skies over california, a fireball lights up the night sky. then last night, a meteor shower in florida. all this after a giant meteor exploded over russia traveling more than 60 times faster than the speed of sound. exploding in the atmosphere with the force of 30 hiroshima bombs. it's a barrage from space that has everyone asking, are we ready for the big one? some 100 tons of space rock enter earth's atmosphere every day, and while much of it lands in the ocean, pex erts are on the alert. >> there is a distinct possibility on of those things is headed our way and we don't even know about it. >> reporter: they say the idea of blowing up an asteroid like bruce willis did in "armageddon" is hollywood fantasy. even if you could hit the meteor, it's unlikely to stop it. but one prominent grou
mcclain, back in action, going out on a mission. it takes place in russia. he's trying to make amends with his grown son, jack. he finds himself wrapped up in this plot and they have to fight bad guys and shoot 400 people. take a listen. >> and bruce willis is 79 years old. >> get out of the way! sorry, ma'am. knock knock. >> that's right. rotten tomatoes, the crowd loves this one, 82%. critics, 13% from the critics. but the series has been around since 1988 was the first "die hard." i love bruce willis, i'm going to check it out. yippy kiya, mother russia. >> i'm working on "escape from planet earth," a 3-d animated space adventure. this is a cute movie. it's about a guy or an astronaut, he gets trapped by going to help a known alien -- dangerous alien planet. his brother has to come help him. we're talking about brendan frazier, ricky gervais, sarah jessica parker. so take a listen. >> freeze. >> who's next? >> okay, i love you guys. >> all right. so the good news is, there aren't a whole lot of reviews out there just yet. but there is one quick review that basically says, it's fami
into a city in russia. we have pictures when the meteorite hit captured on cell phones and other cameras. >> reporter: it came out of nowhere, a blinding flash of light streaking across the sky, and then the shock wave of a meteor splintering into pieces, the blast shattering windows throughout the city and knocking down a wall in the zync factory. nasa scientists say this was the biggest meteor in over a century, weighing in at over 7700 tons, much burned up in the earth's atmosphere but fragments slammed into the ground, one big chunk right into the lake. >> it's no small event. >> reporter: and what nasa says it was not was part of this asteroid called da14 which buzzed dangerously close to earth today. an estimated 100 tons of space material enters the atmosphere every day and most falls harmlessly in unpopulated areas. the national safety counsel says you're twice as likely to be struck by lightening. and 20,000 troops have been sent to help terrified residents. those people are spending a cold night without any windows. temperatures in that part of russia are well below 0 tonight.
injured after a meteor in the sky crashes in russia, the amazing video of that fire ball, right there. just ripped up the place. >>> and it's a buyer's market. if you're selling your home, you have to be competitive. what day you should list to attract more people. >>> new information tonight about a baltimore r dentist at the center of an abc 2 news investigation. >> we just learned today dr. zachary press has been hit with a $4500 fine for having two radiation machines. he has not had a valid dental license since 2009. >> and he's not the only one that's done this. >> absolutely not guilty. he's one of hundreds of -- absolutely not. he's one of hundreds not paying for student loans funded by your tax dollars. >> hi, we're channel 2, looking for dr. press. are you dr. press by chance. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: you're watching the magic act of zachary press. he may want to disappear from the camera, but no hiding from the past. >> are you seeing patients. >> reporter: not at the moment. >> you're just here. >> cleaning up and closing up. >> reporter: but your license was not renewed
that that will be a deterrent. >> two insanely scary videos. this first one is from russia. the person with the dash cam is driving down this road. look up at the road on the other side. >> oh. >> oh! >> oh! down came the power line. >> talk about an insanely close call for those two cars. it looks like one car rear-ends the suv. knocking that power line down. and coming straight to the car with the dash cam. >>> the person reacts very quickly. misses the car, but ends up on the side of the road. finally smashing into a log, which helps it stop. >> you know what, it looks like he got out uninjured, though. maybe a little bit of a scratch to his car, but not a bad accident, considering what just happened in front of him. >> here's another really scary moment. it's a dh cam on a big rig. you see houses, possibly businesses, many driveways, keep an eye on the suv up ahead. it has a rack on the roof. >> oh! >> yes. >> goes right in front of the semi and ends up smashing head-on. mind you this thing is orange. how could they have missed it? >> how do you miss a bright orange 18-wheeler. >> they use this colo
. . >>> rainy nights in the streets of russia turned into a deadly night for a pair of cops. check out what happens here. the cops are following a car. they make the stop. you see one guy immediately get right out of the car. the officer walks up to him. they see him shake hands. seems to be a cordial meeting. they pop the trunk, they look inside. don't seem to find anything illegal or anything that frightens the officers or gives them any reason to take defense. and then at this point of the video, you see one officer at the back of the car. two of the men in the vehicle outside. the officer talking to one of the twice. he begins to pat around him like he's looking for something in his pocket. watch what he pulls out. >> oh. turns into a shoot-out withes the officers. the car drives off, one of the suspects with the gun down the street and jumps into that car. and they take off. it sounds like the two officers returned fire, but sadly one of the cops was killed and another one was critically injured in the shoot-out. >> it doesn't look like the police had any reason to suspect these guys w
point? he wasn't close to getting into the bar itself. >> take a look at what happened in russia. >> they are a hearty people not fazed by much. >> this one will shock you. >> this tree is leaning. >> notice the trash cans. >> notice this woman walking out of the building. she's going to disappear behind the cars. when she reappears, watch what happens. >> oh, boy. >> the tree falls smackdown on top of the trash can. takes a look, throws her trash away and keeps going wherever she was going. >> that's great. she just had to take out the trash. >> she fixes her hair a bit. other people come out like what happened here. >> man, totally could have died, but i threw the trash out. >> i bet the garbage guys are like who threw away the tree. >> just another day in russia. >>> placing tires in the street lead to a terrifying scene. >> whoa! >> i saw trouble coming. >> an suv comes through and hits one of these young people. >> we have the story behind the strike. and a stylish accessory that can @6ve you wi-fi. [ male announcer ] here's a friendly reminder -- it's your last chance to ge
coming to us out of russia that people are calling extreme baby yoga. this video was posted to facebook, and it's been popping up and shared everywhere. it's creating outrage. as you can see in the video, what this woman is doing is swinging this child back and forth and around and this is a child that you can tell from the video is only a few months old. listen to this video. the thing that's so upsetting, this is becoming more and more of a trend. it's actually something that's not new in russia. a couple years ago, gawker had the story of lena who brought extreme baby yoga to the forefront. that brought with it a lot of controversy. people are crying out against these videos and want them removed from the internet. >> what's amazing to me that anyone would be so foolish as to fall into this trap and subject their child to this type of abuse. >> if that woman was doing that in front of the police station, they would arrest her. >> some people believe the extreme baby yoga will increase blood flow to the joints, make the child grow bigger. they say it's good for muscular and skeletal p
cameras of cars, so popular here in russia. the blast was so powerful, it knocked down a wall at this factory. in all, over 1200 people were injured, mostly from broken glass. 3,000 buildings damaged, over a million square feet of glass shattered. many were injured after going to the window to check out the flash in the sky. the glass shatters and bounced back on me. my beard was cut over, this man says. the meteor was believed to be about 50 feet wide, weighing a whopping 7700 ton, about the same as the eiffel tower. it raced toward the earth at ov over 40,000 miles an hour. as it crashed into the atmosphere, it began to break into pieces, causing those booms and sending those powerful shockwaves towards the ground, rocking a zone hundreds of miles wide. the shockwaves causing all the damage. as for pieces of the meteor, one of the bigger chunks landed here, leaving a hole in this frozen lake. tonight, 20,000 soldiers have been sent to help the residents struggling without window. russian television coverage has been going wall to wall with what some said looked like a scene
, the day before he officially steps down. >>> an amazing fact about friday's meteor strike in russia. shockwaves were felt by nuclear sensors halfway around the world. friday's mid-air explosion over central russia had the force of 30 hiroshima nuclear bombs. more than half of the glass that was broken has been replaced. several so-called meteor pieces are already on sale on ebay, but as the saying goes, buyer beware. >> 1 million square feet of glass shattered when that hit. >> that is incredible. i need to go to my backyard and get some rocks. >> some meteor rocks. >> of course. let me clarify. >>> just a week after getting slammed by that monster blizzard, parts of the northeast are digging out from yet another big storm. northern new england got the worst of it with some cities in maine battered by nearly a foot of blowing snow. cape cod was hit by 50-mile-an-hour winds and boston buried under a half foot. several inches fell on new york's long island. a brutal two weeks in this area of the country. and the blizzard-like conditions are lingering this morning, leaving behind some
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on on national tv. david? >> bazi kanani from south africa. and from russia this evening, the fall-out from the massive meteor. tonight we learned it was traveling 46,000 miles per hour when it crashed. and this evening, people on the internet looking to make money off their supposed meed meteoric finds. here's kirit radia. >> reporter: the meteor exploded in midair. the force of 30 hiroshima bombs, scattering glass across the region. and also scattering valuable fragments, worth big money for anyone who finds them. tonight scientists have confirmed the first fragment found near this hole where a big chunk landed. meteor debris is worth $100 to $100,000 depending on size. already so-called meteor pieces are showing up on ebay, this one going for $490. this one for just under a thousand. notice how they don't look anything alike. so that's it, huh? this man found a tiny rock he thinks was part of the meteor. he says he found it on the edge -- of that frozen lake. the hole became something of a tourist attraction, people streaming in to see it for themselves. >> reporter: some more conspiracy
pictures of the car. here comes the driver not happy with the dude pointing him out so being russia, what would you expect? >> i have no idea weight going to happen. >> runs him over. >> luckily looks like he wasn't seriously hurt. >> the dude has to know this is russia, that every single car on the russian roads has a dash cam. who cares if the guy is out there with his cell phone. the guy behind you has a dash cam running the entire time and you acted like an evil fool. >> what did he do to the bus. >> no idea. >> wait a second. i figured something out here. that guy pointing at this guy didn't come from the bus. he came from a car that is in front of the bus. i think that guy got out and said something to that dude in that car. maybe there was an altercation back further right. >> got it. >> when you see that guy that comes out and takes the picture he doesn't come out of the bus. he comes from the front of the bus. >> he could have been the driver of the car in front of the bus. >> right. >> so that's why he ran him over. they probably got into some sort of argument earlier. >> elemen
where block busters are made. >>> and the fireball, the sky falls in russia as a meteorite of epic proportions explodes into smoldering piece s over an unsuspecting town. how safe are the rest of us? >> "nightline" is back in 60 seconds. >> announcer: from new york city, this is "nightline" with bill weir. >> for most, 50 shades of gray is a at this timeling but harmless way to turn the girls in your book club 50 shades of red, but for some high-priced kink classeschanging the definition of romance. lisa ling reveals the world where things aren't always what they seem, including the names of the participants. >> for my pleasure -- >> reporter: this is mistress nina payne. >> all you need do is remember that your purpose is to serve and please me. >> reporter: she's a professional dominatrix. >> you can go ahead and greet me properly by kissing the tops of my boot. start from the bottom and work your way up. >> reporter: in real life her name is kimi inch and she's a master of bdsm, bondageage discipline, dominance and submission, saidism and ma masochism. clients play hundreds of d
-- meteor that came crashing to earth in russia many we learned it was traveling at 46,000 miles per hour when it crash. it exploded in midair and scattered valuable fragments worth big money for anyone who find it. the debris is worth 100 to 100,000 dollars depending on the size. so-called meteor pieces are showing up on e-bail going for 49 0 dollars but experts are saying buyer beware. >>> round two in new england as another winter storm hit the town. driving was dangerous in boston as snow if he code -- fell coating the roads and bridges. up to 4 inches fell and in cape cod more than half a foot was expected. the region has snow on the ground from the week before when they had another blizzard. that's what they are seeing in the northeast and let's see what we are facing. you did say get ready because the weather could change. >> it will as we go through tonight and tomorrow. more details on that coming up. but let's get out the door this morning. because it's cold out there. look at the 16 in manchester and your actual temperatures. glen burnie at 20. fallston is at 20 and more of the
russia. extraordinary video coming in all night from cameras across the impact zone. >>> breaking overnight, sounds of joy. the crippled cruise ship finally arrived, as harried passengers run off and kiss the ground. we'll show you the incredible video from onboard the carnival "triumph," as things went from bad to worse, as we talk live to the passengers. >>> also breaking this morning, olympic hero, oscar pistorius, holds his head in his hands, weeping in court. charged with the murder of his model girlfriend. as cops hold what may be the gun he used to shoot her. >>> we're going to have a baby. >> and special delivery. the street buried in two feet of snow after the massive storm. the mom who couldn't wait for the plows. her whole neighborhood pulling her on a sled to get to the hospital. get ready to meet the miracle blizzard baby. >>> and good morning, america. happy friday to robin, heading into her last weekend before it's back to work. just five more days. >> a long weekend. >> great to have elizabeth vargas here. and a whole lot happened while all of you were sleeping. th
after six. new details about the massive meteor that came crashing to earth in russia. we learned it was traveling at 46,000 miles per hour. meteor exploded in midair scattering fragments worth big poo money for anyone who -- big money from anyone who find it. it is worth 100 to $100,000 depending on the size. meteor pieces are showing up on ebay one going for 490. dollars. >>> the east coast is seeing blizzard like conditions and freezing weather from main down to florida. rob nelson shows us how people are coping with it. >> reporter: with winds gusts out of north gusting up to 50 or 60 miles per hour northeast stays buried by historic snowfall are getting anotherarctic blast and maine getting the worst. >> blowing snow and whiteout conditions can make visibility zero. >> reporter: they are expecting 8 inches along the coast and more inland. cars are still buried in snow banks from the last storm gusty wind and high surf there are more worries about -- surf, there are more worries about coastal damage. plows and salt struck tried to keep up with rapedly changing conditions. town
was looking on google maps in russia. she says she saw a picture of her boyfriend with his arm around another women. she con fronted him and he confessed. >> stupid of him. >> the broken arm. >> was that before or after she found out. >> next few days, you see what happens, upper 30s and we cloud up. tomorrow, specifically,down in the 20s at 7:00 and again climbing in the upper 30s by late in the day so a better looking thursday but enjoy it because friday and saturday look a little ugly, what was the word. >> ugly, yeah. >> complicated. . >> yeah. hey! hey honey! hey alan. uh, hey.... i'm bob, we talked at the tax store. i did your taxes. i thought you were a tax expert? today, i'm a master plumber. major tax stores advertise for preparers with "no tax experience necessary." at turbotax, you only get answers from cpas, eas or tax attorneys - all real tax experts. ...than h&r block stores and all other major tax stores combined. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows yo
everyone talking a meteor passed over russia, a trail of clouds marked the path and 400 people have been injured many from broken glass. some fell on the roof a factory. and an asteroid half the size of a football field will go by our planet and get close. >> it will be 17,000 miles away from earth that's like a cosmic inch. scientists say we have nothing to worry about. there is no chance it will hit us. an object of this size will hit earth every 1200 years. >>> he was a teen doing what 200,000 people were ing the sup >> but for the smith family a day filled with joy has ended in tragedy. family and friends will say goodbye killed after the parade. he was stabbed outside of a mcdonalds after getting into an altercation with young men. they know he was there before the incident and released images of the cripe. >>> it is different, it is hard for me having dealt with it, it is a world of difference having to deal with it, each day i have to remind myself not to ask for a quick result. >> for a week after his death the kill ser still on the loose. his inkle is a former trooper and sec
the pope so exhausted looking. >>> there are new details about friday's meteor strike in central russia. scientists are confirming the first fragments have been located. found near a hole in a frozen lake where a big chunk landed. some so-called meteor piece, with no proof they're the real deal, have appeared on ebay. >>> now to the immigration reform. republicans and democrats alike are predicting president obama would fail if he pushes forward with his own plan. illegal immigrants would be able to get a green card in eight years. top republican law maikers don't like that. >> by giving advantage for those who cut in line ahead of those coming here legally, he's looking for a partisan advantage. >> the white house says the president would push his own plan only if lawmakers can't get the job done. >>> police tape where one woman was murdered in chicago. six others wounded. this woman's sister was on stage with the president just six hours prior. >>> after chicago, the president headed to florida, where he had a golf date yesterday with, tiger woods. they played at the exclusive club wh
did hit earth over russia. itslammed into a lack with boom and shattered glass and damaged 3 thousand buildings. 1thousand people were injured. scientists say it had nothing to do with the asteroid we just told you about. . >> so how about a nice big fat burger, we'll tell you how lawmakers in oklahoma are being asked to allow old paint to be turned into chips and steaks on the weather front, a cold front marching in and your saturday and sunday look even colder than today. >> and wonder why your smartphone dies in the middle of angry birds? it's not only because you're bad at the game but those birds are pecking away at your battery. we're back in 60 seconds. new at 11:00, a horse is a horse of course of course but is it a main course. are they the other red meat. lawmakers in oklahoma want to pass a law that would a-allow horses to be slaughters for meat by foreign buyers. they say with such hard times, some people cannot afford to keep their animals. opponentssay that it's much more than a money issue here they're going to find any way possible to take care of their animal whethe
? >> what the heck are you thinking? >> this is a skiing competition in russia. we do know one thing. they cross without looking. >> yes. she -- she got -- >> the dude doesn't know, he has no idea he just came that close to like decapitating this woman. >> why did the chick cross the hill? >> to get to the other side. maybe there were hot dogs and nachos and beer and a concession stand on that side. >> that would have been you? >> maybe. if there were hot dogs. >>> some dudes test out exploding arrows. >> found in crisis three video game. does it really work? >> find out if what's in the video game can be a reality. >>> it's the good old can you please stop talking about me prank. >> please stop talking about me. >> like you ran into a nut in the park. >> see what people say, after saying nothing at all. >>> the guys from rated r are making exploding arrows. >> breakdown is where i take your favorite parts of movies and video games and create them in real life. >> testing the exploding arrows from the predator bow found in crisis 3, a video game. see if it works. first he starts off
in russia, they have the mishaps. >> he get shoved down? >> maybe have been a bit of penguin checking there. >> let's ask melissa what really happened. we have her "right this minute" via skype. you're an arizona state university student. how do you squeeze in traveling to seven continents with school? >> every time i had a break, i was planning my next trip, getting on an airplane, getting the cheapest flight. >> in this video we can't see what creates this penguin mishap. did you see what happened? >> all of a sudden, just this penguin comes out of nowhere and hits this other penguin. just hits it. i'm so glad i got it on tape. it was hilarious. >> did you travel alone to all the continents? >> i never traveled with my parents. i joined groups so i go by myself and meet people there. recently since i've been 19, 20, 21, i go completely by myself and stay in a hostell. >> other than meeting penguins, what else is there to do in antarctica? >> i went kayaking, hiking, visited bases. >> you forgot the polar plunge. what is it like to jump in the water in antarctica? >> we are doing the polar
. >> i had no idea that makes it even more extreme. i'm sorry this is in russia. >> oh. >> he safely returns to shore. but other than being frigid t looks like he's all right. >> didn't exactly think of his end game. once i'm out there, i do have to come back. >> his buddiy iey ies were kind to start a fire to warm him up, but it looks like a cigarette butt. >> it's a camera that can follow you around and record your every move 24/7. >> it would be good if yu werel realit yshow. it would be like the truman show. >> find out when you can get your hands on this division. if you want to get your hands on i do interior decorating and styling for bars and restaurants. [ male announcer ] whenever a business switches from cable to verizon fios, there comes a moment when they get it -- the powerful difference 100% fiber optics really makes. i got it the first time i uploaded these massive design plans. it was kind of mind-blowing because it happened so fast. [ male announcer ] now do more business per second with the speed and reliability of verizon fios for business. get internet and phone
's in russia. lots of snow. notice this person here walking with what looks like a dog maybe, and here's a pretty big snow bank. what do you do when there's a lot of snow on the road? the snow plow comes by. that's about to happen. >> oh, poor guy! >> for lack of a better word, a tsunami of snow comes flying by and just knocks this guy over. knocks him to the ground. plow keeps going. that does look like a dog, too. makes it more sad. >> knocks his dog over, too. this is heartbreaking. >> doesn't stand a chance. i feel bad. he went down hard. >> he did go down hard. >> you get up and go, are you kidding me? >>> some sixth graders got the opportunity to question -- >> commander chris hatfield of the international space station. >> my question is, how do you wash your hands with soap and water in space? >> see how it's done, next. >>> and this is a pro snowboarder. >> practicing before the x gam >>> criminals, you give them an inch, and they this is michael floyd. he has been arrested in florida. he's in the back of the car and notice how he's looking around, right? apparently, this was
. in this first video i must warn you, it's very disturbing to watch. in russia, this 55-year-old woman is baby-sitting a little baby. the mom put in a hidden camera and watch what happens. >> oh. >> you can see her just kind of plopping the baby in. not gently. >> watch what she does next. >> ah! >> oh. >> oh. >> she did not smack that baby on the head? >> she smacked the baby on the head more than five times, and the baby you notice is face down in this rocker. she doesn't even turn it over. she just keeps hitting him on the head. >> is it wrong that i want to do the same thing to her right now? hit her on the back of the head. >> watch what she does next. she goes over, gets a blanket, throws it on the baby. smacks its head down one more time. >> this is so, so hard to watch. i can't even imagine what the family went through when they saw this thing. you can't smack a kid like that when they're this little. you could cause serious brain damage. >> this could have killed the child. >> i think if you have somebody in your house, you either make sure you are put a camera in, if you can't afford
toes what the heck is this thing on? mobility in russia can be difficult. any way you can get around that works is effective. >> what are those? >> like a giant three-wheeler but one of the wheels is a ski. >> exactly. looks like he took an old tractor, put fat tires on it, a ski on the front, goofy contraption. i might say very effective in the snow. >> looks efficient, like easy to get around on those pesky russian roads. >>> we're taking a trip to the surface of the sun. >> for some pretty incredible solar flair footage. >> but probably solar flair footage like you've never seen before. >> is it weird that i feel like i shouldn't look directly into this? >> the story behind the breathtaking images. >> it's the put your number in my phone prank. >> put your phone number in my phone, please. >> sure. >> what? >> this is a beautiful social experiment. >> see how the direct approach >>> you got to love nasa individuvideo. we're going to travel to the sun for some pretty incredible solar flare footage, but probably solar flare footage like you've never seen before. we've got three kind
're flying a small ultralight plane and need gas? if you're in russia, land, pull into a gas station, fill up your hand glider thingy, and take off. >> this guy just drove into the gas station, filled up next to the cars and flew away. >> i have video proof. the guy fills up, fires up the engine. clearly a unique sight. you see a few people standing around watching this thing. pulling out of the gas station to this busy roadway. when he sees a clear spot, mashes the throttle. watch how quickly this guy takes off. >> oh. just like that. >> just like that. >> if you're in negative degree fahrenheit in siberia, you probably don't want to be doing this. we found this video on siberian times. >> what the heck? >> bikini skiing. >> bikini snowboarding. this day was probably not one of the more extreme days but this is a resort called, yetigesh, promoting bikini snowboarding on their slopes, as it gets warmer later in the season -- >> it will still be super cold. >> but they are known for their amazing snow. >> all the dudes are naked too. not just the girls. >> the dudes are taking the layers off t
drug dealers in russia have more than just police to fear. the loose translation under this video from moscow was, this is an anti-drug youth group out on the streets serving a bit of vigilante justice. this group went after the suspected drug dealer's car with axes and hammers and destroyed the car. >> whoa, man. they are destroying this car beyond repair. >> if these guys really are drug dealers and breaking the law, then you think, okay. maybe this is kind of cool vigilanteism. if these guys get it wrong, then they're out just smashing up the wrong person's car, not so cool. >> and you've got to worry if these guys aren't truly drug dealers, they might have a gun on them for obvious reasons. you go up attacking with a sledgehammer, you never know what can happen. >> and the video is out, sometimes drug dealers are connected to larger rings like cartels that could end up finding these people. i don't agree with what they're doing, but you've got to applaud their passion towards anti-drugs. drugs are bad. they kill people. drugs do no good to anybody. >>> nice day for a motorcycle rid
or broker a peace. probably with russia. give the syrian people an opportunity to determine their future and at least in the first stages, he's likely to be a part of that process. >> congressman engel, is that the choice? >> i think it is. i think it's time to armed the rebels. it needs help. we know who they are. it's time that we make that move. >> white house officials make two arguments against arming the rebels. one, you don't want them to have shoulder-fire missiles because of the threat to aircraft. number two, the opposition is getting what it needs right now from the gulf states. >> i'm not talking about that, i certainly there are other things that we can get to them. it's never the right time. always a time that could be better. i think we run the risk of seeing assad hang on for a long time. he's a bad player. back in 1979, when his father was in power, countries that aid and abet terrorism, syria was a chartered member of that. nothing has changed in syria. this has been a regime that governs with an iron fist. they murdered tens of thousands of their own people. almost 1 m
escaping russia's new ban on adoptions to the united states. it went into effect on january 1st. part of russia's retaliation for a set of human rights sanctions passed by the u.s. last year. americans have adopted over 60,000 russian children since the end of the soviet union. but russian officials have pointed to the cases of 19 children reportedly abused by american parents. ordinary russians reached out to offer support. one woman gave kendra and jason $1,000 to help cover expenses. another dropped off a pair of warm boots for paulina. finally, authorities agreed to allow about 50 children to travel to the u.s., including paulina. yet hundreds more adoptions remain stuck. those families may never see the children again. as she prepared to leave moscow, paulina was excited. practicing her english, and playing with her new gift. >> she's learning that it's forever and we'll be there when she goes to sleep and wakes up. >> reporter: when the plane touched down in houston, paulina skaggs was finally home. >> and good to see that story, but keep in mine that hundreds of cases are still
meteorites in russia last week went viral, the shallow was the fastest video event to ever reach 100 million views. those are your "tech bytes." have a great day. i'm rob nelson. ever since mom and dad have been working with viva, people have been daring them to clean up tough messes. my fans think a paper towel can't handle this. that is tough when wet. (peggy) grab viva, and break the rules on all your tough messes. >>> 11 minutes after 6:00. it is a big day here at abc. "good morning america" cohost robin roberts returns to the anchor desk. she left the show back in august due to health reasons and she had a bone marrow transplant that she need today treat a rare blood disorder. but she is returning to the desk today. and while she was recovering she kept fans updated on her condition. >> yeah. but a mother and a daughter know exactly what she's going through because they went through the exact same thing side by side. their story now courtesy of abc 2 news' jamie kos costello. take a look. >> i was grateful to be able to help my mom. >> it was one of the most difficult things i've ever
and says that only raises chances of a wider conflict in the middle east. clinton criticized russia for blocking sanctions against syria at the u.n. clinton's successor, john kerry finish his last day as senator with a farewell tour of native massachusetts. he said america's string ength overseas depend on working in a bipartisan way here at home. kerry is sworn in today as the nation's 68th secretary of state. >>> no end in sight to the tense hostage standoff involving a gunman and 5-year-old boy in alabama. police say e dykes is holding the boy in an underground bunker stocked with supplies. only means of communication through a narrow ventilation pipe. the boy is autistic. medication has though been delivered through the pipe and police say jimmy lee dykes grabbed him after shooting the boy's school bus driver. >>> a middle school student faces charges for a school yard shooting in atlanta. a 14-year-old was shot and wounded in the next thursday. the young gunman fired several rounds before an armed security guard was able to take away the weapon. police believe the two students
his death. autopsy results on the 3-year-old named max are still pending. russia recently banned american adoptions. >>> investigators are getting to the bottom of just what went wrong with the carnival "triumph." the cause that disabled the cruise ship was a leak in a fuel tank. the oil dripped on a hot surface and caught fire. the official said that the crew responded appropriately to the fire. >>> the horse meat scandal in europe has now drawn in food giant nestles. the global food company is suspending delivery of all of its products that include beef from one of its german suppliers because they found traces of horse dna in them. among the products, beef ravioli and tortellini. nestle insists there are no food safety issues here. none of the products are sold here in the u.s. >>> burger king is happy to have survived a whopper of a prank. a hacker took over the company's twitter account and announced it had been bought by mcdonald's. the cyber thief replaced burger king's profile picture with the golden arches and posted some obscene messages, as well. burger king got twitte
ever to reach 100 million views. crazy, the interest in what happened over in the skies over russia. >> that's incredible. this is a new website called >>> this morning on "world news now," inferno investigation. a gas explosion and fast-moving flames race through a popular kansas city district full of shops and restaurants. >> what investigators are finding this morning after a fire that burned for hours. it's wednesday, february 20th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm diana perez. we'll get to the kansas city fire investigation in our top story. and also this morning, the costly computer crimes costing the american economy hundreds of billions of dollars a year. the fingers are pointing at china, as the white house today announces plans to fight the hackers. >>> and then -- this is crazy. why hand sanitizer is being singled out in a fire that severely burned an 11-year-old girl. wait until you hear how something so common turned into something so hazardous. you think you're doing the right thing, killing the germs,
are looking for any sort of tea leaves. meteorites hitting russia, anything that might suggest that hillary clinton is running. i think we're going to have a date every saturday to talk about this, dan. what's interesting, a source close to hillary says she is very seriously considering her options. and is interested in a potential run. what i am also hearing is they are looking to see who her republican challenger might be. someone like governor chris christie of new jersey might be a tougher candidate to try and defeat, dan. >> there's also reports that if john schriffen manages to score two baskets in the nba all-star game, she will definitely run. reena ninan, at the white house this morning. we appreciate it. thank you, reena. >>> time to check the overnight headlines. for that, as always, ron claiborne. >> hey, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. we begin with new details on the final shoot-out between former l.a. cop christopher dorner and police in big bear, california. authorities getting a clearer picture of what went on in that cabin where dorner made his last stand. abc's jo
begin in sochi russia. but apparently preparations are not on schedule. vladimir putin just fired a top olympic organizer after hearing about construction delays there. and another big concern, won't be any snow. sochi is in far southern russia. and has been quite warm this winter as it was last winter. putin is promising they'll have a backup plan. i have to believe that means snow. >>> lance armstrong is giving in this morning. at the last minute he decided to come clean to u.s. anti-doping authorities and cooperate with their investigation. his testimony under oath could help him win a reduction in his lifetime ban from sports. >>> and finally, imagine how much money you would have been paid if every time you checked your work e-mail from home or took a call from the boss after hours you got a little cash. a chicago police officer has filed a federal lawsuit claiming he's entitled to overtime pay because the boss expects him to check his blackberry when he's off-duty. at least one expert says -- maybe violates federal labor law, which is to say we may have all won the lottery, people
'll engage russia to seek further reductions in our nuclear arsenals and continue leading the global effort to secure nuclear materials that could fall into the wrong hands. because our ability to influence depends on our willingness to lead and meet our obligations. america must also face the rapidly growing threat from cyber attacks. now -- we know hackers steal people's identities and infiltrate private e-mails. we know foreign countries and companies swipe our corporate secrets. now, our enemies are also seeking the ability to sabotage our power grid. our financial institutions. our air traffic control systems. we cannot look back years from now and wonder why we did nothing in the face of real threats to our security and our economy. that's why earlier today, i signed a new executive order that will strengthen our cyber defenses by increasing information sharing and developing standards to protect our national security, our jobs and our privacy. but now -- now congress must act, as well, by passing legislation to give our government a greater capacity to secure our networks and deter a
. >>> nothing says baby boom like the dulcet tones of boys ii men. they hope in russia that is true. the president, vladimir putin has called in the best-selling band for help. he's invited them to perform next week in hopes of giving russian couples inspiration in time for valentine's day. putin wants three babies in every home. >> boyz ii men is baby making? >> scotty, stop. >> you're on camera, josh and sam, behave. >>> finally, on sunday, who is more sure handed, the ravens or the 49ers. but the big losers during the game could be millions of american who is fumble their phones. i'm guilty of this. new research from square trade finds 23 million americans have damaged their phones or tablets finds 23 million americans have damaged their phones or tablets duri liquid. >> your drink? >> i have dropped my phone into a drink. >> have you? >> it was once. or a toilet. but we have tips for you the protect your phone. they incleed keeping it at hand but not in your hand during game. count to ten if you're angry about a play. don't throw it at the television. never take your phone to th
in russia scrambling after last week's dramatic meteor crash. the most sought-after rocks are not from the heavens. but from a heist. >> i need you to suit up. >> reporter: it sounds like a scene ripped straight from a hollywood heist movie. >> good plan. how did you figure it out? >> reporter: overnight, eight masked and armed men, breaking on to the tarmac at brussels airport, ambushing this swiss plane, just loaded with tens of millions of dollars worth of diamonds. according to belgian tv reports, the brazen thieves cut a hole through this security fence and drove on to the tarmac, making off with more than $50 million worth of rough diamonds in just a matter of minutes. officials are now saying this could be one of the biggest diamond heists of all-time. back in november, these bold leather-clad burglars road motorcycles into this london mall, a stunning smash and grab caught on camera. >> it's really scary. we have some young girls that work for us. >> reporter: the six robbers made off with hundreds in thousands in diamond-crusted cartier and rolex watches. but this morning, bel
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